Cristian Hesselman at IDNext 2021

Cristian Hesselman at [TALK25], Nov. 2022

Cristian Hesselman at ECP-jaarfestival (in Dutch), Nov. 2022.

Ralph Holz at CompSys 2022 (keynote)

Cristian Hesselman at Top Team ICT Strategy Day 2022

Cristian Hesselman at NLUUG spring conference 2023

R.Holz at Inaugural lecture, University of Münster, Internet Transparency – an agenda for a more secure Internet.

P. Grosso keynote at NetCloud and IFIP Networking, The Responsible Internet: A journey towards increasing Trust in the Digital World

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NANOG Keynote: The Expanding Landscape of Internet Governance:​ Why Network Operators Need a Global View